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The first rule of fight craft is....

The main focus of this server is the nation vs nation, pvp competition aspect. Minecraft alone is just building, and after you play one server, you've played them all. But with a few choice mods (granting abilities like claiming plots of land to prevent griefing and PvP, protecting chests from theft,) and a bunch of standard additions, new game-play avenues open up.

This server has 4 main pillars: PVP Combat, Town/Nation-scale competition, Leveling Skills, and Currency-based exchanges.

The server has 6 worlds, 29 towns, 8 nations. Inside towns monsters are disabled and PVP combat is enabled. A properly managed town, kept within it's boundaries is free of griefing and owning your own plot(s) allows you to build without harassment.

The Worlds
Bellona Bellona is the 4th main world, added March 27th 2015. This world's difficulty setting is Medium and locks form onto death chests. PVP is forced everywhere except the spawn city, Enyo. The terrain of Bellona is custom-made. In addition to the normal biomes there are a few custom biomes (Mesa Rivers, Glaciers and more,) tweaked biomes (pretty much all of them,) some custom trees and ruins. Bellona is home to a long-lost civilization of low-land dwellers. Bellona is 3000 blocks wide.
Bellona Nether The BellonaNether is scaled 1.5:1 with Bellona, instead of 8:1 like in vanilla minecraft. Moving 10 blocks in the nether translates to 15 blocks moved in Bellona. It is accessible via normal portals built in Bellona.
Ternion Ternion is the 3rd main world, added in April 2013, it is retired. This world's difficulty setting is Hard and no locks spawn onto death chests. PVP is forced everywhere except the spawn island. The terrain of Ternion is custom-made. In addition to the normal biomes there are a few custom biomes (haunted forest, oasises,) tweaked biomes (swamps, frozen oceans, beaches,) a some custom trees. Ternion is truly a sight to behold.
Erisia Erisia is the 2nd main world, added in January 2012. It is a retired main world.
Olde World The Olde World is a retired main world, active from March to December 2011. Not many towns still exist here and very few players travel there. It is accessible via a portal in Enyo's Noob Castle which travels to the old spawn town, Olde Capitol.

How to join :

To become whitelisted on the server join the IRC channel,
use #FightCraft

After being whitelisted: join the server, start leveling your character and begin building your town into a city,
log on at

Server Status: UP Running MC 1.12

UPDATE Aug 9th:

- Illagers now have a 5% chance of dropping Books of Mending.

UPDATE Jul 12th:

- Updated Server to 1.12

UPDATE Jun 14th:

- Updated Server to 1.11.2

UPDATE Jan 29th:

- Updated Server to 1.10.2

UPDATE Jan 25th:

- Updated Server to 1.9.4



CommandWhat it does

Basic commands
/helpDisplays an index of help topics.
/commandsDisplays a list of essential commands.
/newsDisplays a list of news for the server.
/onlineDisplays who is online.
Towny commands
/towny ?First Towny help screen.
/town onlineDisplay online players from your town.
/nation onlineDisplay online players from your nation.
/town spawnTeleports you to your town's spawn point.
/res spawn, /homeTeleports you to your bed after you've set it.
Chat commands
/msg [partofplayername] [messagegoeshere]Send a PM to one player in-game.
/reply [messagegoeshere]Reply to a PM from another player. Also /r [msg].
/g [messagegoeshere]Chat to the global channel, heard by all. /g joins the channel.
/tc [messagegoeshere]Chat to your townmembers only. /tc joins the channel.
/nc [messagegoeshere]Chat to your nation only. /nc joins the channel.
Skill commands
/mcmmoDisplays a description of the mod and how to play.
/mcstatsView detailed information on your mcMMO stats.
/[skillname]Displays information of the skill in game.
/inspect [player]See a persons McMMO stats.
/mctop (skillname)Shows a powerlevel leaderboard, optional skillname displays specific skill leaderboard.
/mcrank (playername)View yours or other's ranking in mcMMO stats.
Money commands
/moneyShows iConomy balance.
/money ?Shows iConomy help.
/money pay [playername] [amount]Pays a player from your personal wallet.
Deathchest commands
/cenlistList all your cenotaphs, shows index numbers.
/cenfind (index)Gives you a direction from your current location to your cenotaph and sets your compass to point at it.
/centime (index)Tells you how much time is left before the specified cenotaph has its protection removed.
/cenresetReset compass to point to spawn.
Random commands
/warp bazaarWarps you to the Enyo Bazaar District. 25 second warmup.
/warp shopsWarps you to the Eris Shopping District. 25 second warmup.
/hunt [playername]Gives you the coordinates of a player.
/time [day|night]Changes time to day or night. Costs 25 coins.
/weather [sunny|stormy]Changes weather to off or on. Costs 25 coins.
/bountyShows bounty information/commands.



The following custom recipes are available on FightCraft:


The Plugins

Towny McMMO Money Cenotaph Bookworm Custom Others

Towny is the mod that brings in the creation of cities. City founders become a city's first mayor and can claim territory, parcel land for sale, set whether monsters spawn within city limits, invite others to his or her city, set protection levels for the city. More residents belonging to a city, allows the mayor to claim more territory.

On FightCraft there are only a few safe places, PVP is enabled everywhere except the spawn-city of each world. Doors, chests, furnaces, droppers and all other containers are also not locked by Towny on FightCraft. These blocks must be locked using a sign and the locking plugin.

Nations are groups of towns who have teamed together, which have the same views and goals. If they declare war, all of a nation's towns go to war as a whole, against other nations who they oppose.

Costs involved with creation of towns and nations:
- Create town: 1000 coins and 2 coin per day upkeep fee.
- Create nation: 2500 coins and 4 coin per day upkeep fee.
- Claim a townblock: 25 coins each.
- Claim an outpost: 500 coins each.

Mayors start with 16 townblocks which are 16x16x256 (full height of the map,) and receive another 16 townblocks per player. Up to 64 more townblocks can be bought with '/town buy bonus [amount]' for 50 coins each. Outposts are used to claim a plot not-connected to the town. Only one outpost needs to be claimed, townblocks can be claimed beside like normal with /t claim.

Towny Permissions
There are 4 permissions values, which can be set for personal plots and for town plots as well (town permissions can be set by the mayor.) The basic commad for this is either /r set perm or /t set perm followed by the proper flags for each permission. Using either of these commands sets the town or player's default perm line seen in /town or /res and will change plots which help the previous default perm line. Any plots claimed after this is set also recieve the default perm line seen in /town and /res. To change already claimed town-owned plots to the perm line shown in the /town screen, type /t set perm reset and to change personally-owned plots to the perm line shown in the /res screen, type /res set perm reset.

Plots can be set with per-plot perm lines. To set a single plot's perm line type /plot set perm followed by the proper flags. You can reset the plot you're standing in back to the default perm line seen in /res or /town using /plot set perm reset. You can check a plot's perm line using /plot perm.

4 perm-types exist: Build, Destroy, Switch and Itemuse.
Build allows players to add blocks in your town/plot.
Destroy allows players to remove blocks in your town/plot.
Switch covers levers, stone pressure plates, and stone buttons allowing you to decide who can enter buildings (iron doors only) and use redstone powered devices.
Itemuse covers buckets, lighters and bonemeal.

3 perm-groups exist, which the perm-types can be set for, these are displayed on perm lines as FAO or RAO and stand for Friend/Resident, Ally, Outsider. For residents the Friend group consists of a player's friend list (see /help towny for commands.) For towns the R represents Residents (players in that town). Residents use /res set perm friend... and mayors use /town set perm resident...

The other groups are Ally (players from other towns in your nation and allied-nations' residents) and Outsiders (players who aren't a part of your town and nation and nation-allies.)

Mayors and Kings have the ability to promote players that are part of their town or nation into ranks. Ranks can give players access to commands that will help them manage the town or nation.

Town Ranks:
  • Default (Town member status, default abilities.)
  • TownBuilder (Assistant priviledge, allows build/destroy/etc throughout the town.)
  • TownBanker (Assistant priviledge, allows withdrawal from town bank.)
  • TownToggler (Assistant priviledge, allows use of /town toggle command.)
  • Sheriff (Able to jail townmembers using /town toggle jail command.)
  • Assistant (Claiming land, unclaiming land, adding new residents, full use of /plot command, full switch permissions throughout town, exempt from town taxes.)
  • Mayor (Full mayor abilites.)
Nation Ranks:
  • Default (Nation member status, ability to deposit money in nation bank.)
  • NationBanker (Allows withdrawal from nation bank.)
  • Assistant (Add towns to the nation.)
  • King (Full king abilities.)
Use /town ranklist and /town rank for more info on using ranks.

For specific information on how to use towny use the following links:
- Commands
- Tutorial
- How Towny Works

For information about the different towns and nations on the server please visit the Eris Library.

Town's Size Chart
PopulationTown TypeMayor's Title
6VillageBaron Von
14Large TownCount Von
24Large CityDuke

Nation's Size Chart
PopulationNation TypeLeader's TitleBonus Townblocks
1-9Land of NameLeader32
10-19Federation of NameCount40
20-29Dominion of NameDuke48
30-39Kingdom of NameKing56
40-59Name EmpireEmperor64
60-*Name RealmGod Emperor80


McMMO adds skills to the game. Check out the wiki for detailed information here.

Taming - Wolf taming includes: XP gained from damage taken by wolf; Critical strikes; Damage bonus; Fall damage immunity, cactus/lava phobia; Damage reduction, Fire Resistance, Explosion resistance. Use a bone to see your wolf's information.

Mining - Leads to extra blocks being dropped. Right-clicking allows for a multi-breaking swing with a cooldown.

Woodcutting - Leads to extra blocks being dropped. Right-clicking allows for tree-felling.

Repair - Blocks of solid iron become repair-anvils. Use loose materials to repair your tools and weapons.

Unarmed - Improve your unarmed skill to do more damage and receive the chance to disarm your opponents. Right-clicking activates Berserker Mode. At higher levels you might deflect arrows.

Archery - Archery will let your damage increase at higher levels, and you can eventually daze players providing a very beneficial pvp benefit. Higher levels of archery will let you retrieve arrows from corpses. Arrows have been found to light people/animals on fire at lvl ~12.

Herbalism - Get more drops from farming, improve this skill by farming and picking flowers and mushrooms.

Excavation - Use your shovel and eventually start pulling all kinds of items out of the ground along with your dirt. Right-clicking activates GIGA-DRILL. (Known treasure/level reqs: lvl 26 glowdust from dirt; lvl 81 gunpowder from gravel; lvl ~180 bones from gravel.)

Swords - Gaining skill in swords will help your swordsmanship of course, allowing you to perform a parry. Parries happen automagically and negate all damage. Higher skill levels will lead to parrying more often. High levels of Swords will let your gouge your enemies and bleed them to death. You can parry arrows at high levels.

Acrobatics - With the acrobatics skill your ability to negate fall damage increases. And how do you negate fall damage? By rolling of course, a secret passed down through the ages. Tap into this mysterious 'rolling' ability by falling and training your body. If you're good enough you will never have to worry about fall damage again. Acrobatics also increases your chance of dodging an arrow attack.

Axes - No longer are axes just for obsessively chopping down forests. With the axes skill, players will be able to do critical hits, instantly killing monour skill increases, your chance to critically strike will too. At a certain skill level Axes damage will even be upgraded. What axe you use matters for the damage scaling, use a Diamond Axe for maximum damage.

Fishing - Fishing now gains xp, allowing you to pull up random things from the bottom of puddles and oceans.

Alchemy - This skill allows players to brew potions faster as well as gain access to previously unobtainable potions.


Money, you will have it!
Here are the mods responsible for the server's economy:

ChestShop is a very simple shop mod which hooks into your iConomy balance.

Players interact with signs placed above chests. Right click a sign to sell to the shop, Left click to buy from the shop. Admins can create inifinite chest shops whose money is not connected to the admin. It can be sold to or bought from without running out of items/money. Players can create a shop of their own using the instructions in the link to ChestShop bukkit thread. To get the proper name/id number hold the item in your hand and use /iteminfo.

Instructions for setting up a shop:
On your sign, above the chest, use the following format:
1st Line: (Left blank, your name is inserted automatically.)
2nd Line: (Number of items per transaction.)
3rd Line: (Cost to buy from shop):(How much you get for selling the item to the shop.)
4th Line: (Name of item.)

So as an example:
1st Line:
2nd Line: 1
3rd Line: 10:5
4th Line: Dirt

Will generate the following sign shop:
1st Line: (Your name)
2nd Line: 1
3rd Line: B 10:5 S
4th Line: Dirt

A player would type right-click the sign to buy 1 Dirt block for 10 coins. The player could also left-click the sign to sell you 1 Dirt block for 5 coins.

Setting sell to 0 stops people from selling to you, so your bank account cannot be drained.
Setting buy to 0 stops people from buying from the shop, useful only for selling to it.

When a player uses your shop, you will be broadcast a message detailing the transaction. If your chest doesn't have enough to fulfill the transaction, it is cancelled. If a player tries to sell you something and you don't have enough money in your balance, the transaction is cancelled.
Shops can only be created on towny shop-plots owned by the player. A mayor can set a plot to a shopplot by standing in the plot and typing /plot set shop. To reset a plot's plottype to normal type /plot set reset.
Bounties - This plugin takes the head of your victims and gives it to you. Players can set up paid bounties for the heads of players they dislike.
ecoCreature - Chance of receiving coins when you kill any monster or animal. Also modifies the drops received from killing monsters.


Cenotaph places your inventory into chests if you die.
This requires you to carry 1-2 chests at all times (2 chests to save a full inventory.) Cenotaphs have a lockette sign added them to, with an 8 hour countdown, after which the chest can be looted by anyone.
/cenlist - List all your cenotaphs.
/cenfind - Gives you a direction from your current location to your cenotaph and sets your compass to point at it.
/centime - Tells you how much time is left before the specified cenotaph has its protection remove or it breaks.
/cenreset - Reset compass to point to spawn.


BookWorm adds writable books and book-shelf functionality.
This plugin uses the /bookworm command, but it has the /bw /write and /w commands as aliases. The in-game help is designed to be, well, helpful. Using the command without any arguments will give you context-sensitive help.

To start writing a book, you hold a book in your hand and type /write [title]. You can then use /write [text] to add text to your book. If chat mode is enabled, you can also just chat without using the command to write into the book, as long as you're holding the book. You can use a double-colon :: to create a paragraph. As you write, the plugin will break your text into pages for you.

You can place a book in a bookshelf by left-clicking on the bookshelf with your book in hand. You can get a copy of a book from a bookshelf with left-click, and you can remove a book from a bookshelf with shift-left-click.

You can read a book by holding it and right-clicking the air. You can read a book in a bookshelf by right-clicking the bookshelf.

/write -chat -- toggle chat write mode

/write -read (page) -- read the specified page

/write -title [new title] -- change a book's title

/write -undo -- Undo your last write action. Only has one level of undo. Things that can be undone: written text, replacements, erasings.

/write -erase [text] -- erases the specified text from the book

/write -replace [old text] -> -- replaces text

/write -eraseall -- erases all text from the book


Custom FightCraft Plugins

HuntPlayer adds a /hunt {playername} command which will show you hints as to where you can find a player. More information is given if you are in the same world as the hunted player.

ArmourStandArms adds arms to armour stands when they are placed. This allows you to place items and weapons on display.

UndeadRiders adds the chance of undead horses spawning who are mounted by zombies and skeletons. Lightning strikes the ground when they appear. If you manage to kill the rider you can take the horse, just remember to give them a name with a nametage so they do not disappear.

DeathEffects adds a red/maroon firework effect to players slain in PVP combat to simulate a blood splatter.

GlitchFix prevents 3 glitches. 1) Ender Pearls cannot be used to pass through blocks, doors, fences, glass panes. 2) Blocks cannot be stacked under a player to climb over walls while they are lagging. 3) Boats cannot be used to pass through floors.


The Other Plugins

Lockette adds very simple chest/door/furnace protection using signs, keeping your items safe.

Craftbook brings bridges, gates, elevators, power-able netherrack and hidden switches to the game. Usage.

Still more plugins: CraftIRC, MCDocs, Multiverse, GroupManager, WorldBorder.



I can only run the game on low view-distance and fast graphics quality.

Consider downloading OptiFine, it is a mod that improves performance and reduces client-side lag.

Download optifine

I think I might be lagging, how can I tell if it's my connection.

To determine if you are laggy, or how much lag there is between you and the server, Type /ping and the server will return Pong! to let you know the round trip time length.

Also worth trying is /debug clock which will tell you if the server's hardware is slowing down. Compare Actual vs. Expected clock rates.

Finally, Minecraft is a game that is very intensive on computers on the client side. If you do not have 64bit java your client can not use your system's ram to the fullest extent. If you have a 64bit OS you should use the 64 bit version of Java.

Windows: Download here:

Mac: Download this property editor (if you don't already have one, osX doesn't come with one.) Then follow this guide to set Minecraft to use 64bit.